If you wish to have selected content listed exclusively with Pond5, you can now do so by creating a new, separate account.

Dear Artist,

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to contact us and share their thoughts. We truly value your feedback and will continue to look to our artist community for input on how we can best accomplish our mission to help you earn more.

We’ve had a lot of feedback over the last few days. Our goal with the Video Exclusivity Program is to accomplish one thing: maximizing the value of your work by making it harder for buyers to shop around to negotiate the lowest price.

Two clear themes have emerged from your feedback:

  • “I agree the industry is heading for a race to the bottom, but some portion of my income comes from other sites and I don’t want to lose it.”
  • “I'd be willing to go exclusive for my future video content if I could still list my older footage on competitive marketplaces.”

We hear you loud and clear. While the best way for you to preserve the value of your work and receive the most benefit is to become a Pond5 Exclusive Video Artist, if you wish to have only selected content (especially new content) listed exclusively with Pond5, you can do so by creating a new, separate account.

The new Exclusive account will benefit from the higher royalty rate (starting April 8), as well as the additional promotion, sales, and marketing associated with our Exclusivity Program. Please note that once you create your new account, you will need to enroll it in the Video Exclusivity Program by going to the Exclusive Program page.

In the meantime, please continue to reach out to us with any additional feedback or questions about this program at exclusive@pond5.com.

All the best,

The Pond5 Team


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